150 Homes, Part 3

Mile 151.8 to 369.6

Another two hundred miles of trail down. Our mileage is approaching 20 per day, which should stand us in good stead to hit the Sierra at just the right time. There are more long sections without water now that we’ve reached the desert proper, which sometimes entails carrying six liters each in addition to our food.

Our homes are often thrown up in the fading light and dismantled before dawn as we seek to maximize our mileage. Such long days puts pressure on feet and knees, so this section ended with a luxurious double zero in Wrightwood while we recovered.




















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Night 21: Mile 259.4 This photo is of our almost-packed gear the morning after; we forgot to take a photo that evening because that evening was a damn nightmare. We hiked up to a wind-blasted ridge just as the sun was going down, only to find that someone else had snagged the only protected camping spot. Our attempt to set up on bare earth lasted about a minute before the wind blew the stakes right out of the ground. We packed up, carried on walking and eventually found a spot on the side of the hill a little lower down. It was pitch black by the time we got into the tent, and the temperature went down into the 20's. A somewhat shivery night, even with quilts, bag liners and down jackets. #pct2017 #pctclassof2017 #150homes

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2 thoughts on “150 Homes, Part 3

  1. Before there was internet, I bought hiker journals that had been converted to book format with my paper route money. Since the internet, I have enjoyed finding one REALLY GOOD journal/blog every year and following it to its conclusion. So far this year, I hadn’t found The One. But now I have. I love your combo style, the musing combined with details. My son, my hiking partner and I will be sobo from Ashland starting July 13 doing a 300 mile section so I hope we are able to meet.

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    • Hi Chris, thank you for the wonderful compliments! My wife and I are jointly updating this blog, and I’d love to write more frequently. Right now we’re so destroyed at the end of each day that it’s tough to focus, but I plan on writing individual pieces on what goes into a hiker’s “house”, e.g the kitchen, the bathroom etc.

      Looking forward to meeting you and the family on your section hike!


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